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Bug Warning Level:

Note: This is a beta release.  A significant amount of error checking and notification still needs to be added. 

The latest changelog, binary executable, and source:

Download Description Comment
Changelog Changelog for the latest release. Contains comments about changes to the current release.
WaspNest beta V1.0.1 Installation program for WaspNest.

Contains the service executable and the configuration file editor.

WaspNest beta V1.0.1 source The source code.

The source will build with the Visual Studio Dot Net IDE.

What you need to run the application:

Prerequisite Description Comment
Windows XP and the Dot Net 1.1 framework OS and runtime environment. Windows XP and the Dot Net framework are required to run this application. Windows 2000 should work but hasn't been tested at this point.

450 Mhz or greater CPU.
128 Meg memory.

System requirements. Why 450 Mhz?  That's what my test machines are!